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"Architecture is the masterly, correct, and magnificent play of forms under the light."
(Vers une architecture, 1923, le Corbusier)
In fact, defining architecture is not easy, and one would find as many definitions as there are books about architecture. Probably, each architect has his own, preferred definition.

The soul of architecture is to design a structure that will be suited for humans to live in, work in, play in, etc. It is also to give comfort to its users -- to make them feel comfortable, make them feel uplifted, make them feel that someone cared about their well-being enough to design something that they would enjoy. A good Architect does more than just design buildings -- he or she understands how people's surroundings make them feel, and creates an environment that will meet their needs and desires

This website includes both a personal portfolio as well as a guide for Students to design and draft Architectrual Projects.

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